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Advice on the best possible job

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    I was looking for advice on the best possible job to take while going for my degree. This semester I am going back to school, working for my associates degree at a county college and then plan to continue on for a degree in Physics a a four year college.

    I have been working full time for over two years at a video store and will soon have the opportunity to seek other employment if I want it. My question is this: is it more beneficial to show a long track record at one job (even though it does not relate to my field at all) or is the better idea to look for a job in a field that is at least loosely related to Physics or science?

    Also as a side note does anyone know how Rowan University ranks as far as Physics or science goes? I only ask because it is practically right outside my door. Is there a resource online which might rank the colleges as far as science or Physics goes?

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