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Schools Advice on University Decision

  1. Feb 28, 2012 #1
    I'm planning on going to university in Alberta for at least my first year as I want to remain closer to home at first. I'm majoring in physics and was wondering if U of Alberta or U of Calgary would be the better choice. Right now my preferred choice is Calgary as I enjoy the city a lot more than Edmonton and I liked the campus when I saw it. However I've heard that Alberta would be a better school to go to for the sciences. As this is only undergrad does it really matter which school I go to as long as I am able to get good marks? Is going to going to Calgary going to do anything to lower my chances of getting into a good grad school?

    If anyone has any advice on this decision or has personal experiences to share from either of these schools that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    I have an academic appointment at one and did my graduate studies at the other. There isn't a bad choice between the two. U of Alberta tends to perform higher in the national and international rankings, but you'd have to really look at the criteria that are used to arrive at those numbers if you intend on placing any weight on them.

    As far as graduate opportunities go, between those two schools there likely won't be any difference. Both have opportunities for getting involved with research as an undergraduate. Your best bet is to make your decision based on where you think you will be most comfortable and will perform the best.
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