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Advice please, I don't know what Master's degree my BSc qualifies me for

  1. May 18, 2009 #1
    Hi, I've been lurking around the forums unregistered for a while now and it's been very helpful, I just recently registered for specific advice.

    I'm a first year student at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt. I'm taking a computer and communication engineering BSc, and due to some recent revelations I decided I don't want to go on living in Egypt anymore and would like to do a Master's degree somewhere else at a good university, even hoping for MIT (I would settle for any respected university, but there aren't many that offer need-blind financial aid, without which it would be almost impossible for me to get any degrees at all). I checked out the http://www.eecs.mit.edu/grad/areas.html" [Broken] at MIT and I was very disappointed to find that according to any "undergraduate preparations" on the site, I'm not prepared at all. They did mention however, in area I, that "There is absolutely no dishonor in taking MIT undergraduate courses to bolster your undergraduate background. This is very common in the Area". But this doesn't make any sense to me, because why would MIT admit someone who's under-qualified from the first place?!

    I'm gonna list the courses in my programme in the hope that someone would tell me about somewhere good at which I would qualify for graduate studies. And also if I have any change at getting accepted at MIT or one of the top universities if I maintain a GPA of around 3.9... I'm particularly concerned because they just started this program this year, so there aren't any graduates I could ask or anything.

    First year:
    Math I (differential calculus)
    Mechanics I (statics)
    Engineering Graphics
    General Chemistry
    Physics I
    Math II (integral calculus)
    Mechanics II (dynamics)
    Production Engineering
    Physics II (E&M)
    Human Rights

    Second Year:
    Math III (more calculus)
    Programming I
    Modern Physics
    Electrical Circuits
    Probability and Statistics
    Discrete Structures for Computing
    Technical Writing
    Math IV (more calculus)
    Programming II
    Electrical Circuits II
    Digital Logic Circuits I
    Data Structures
    Engineering Economics

    Third Year:
    Analysis and Design of Algorithms
    Signals and Systems
    Electronic Circuit Analysis
    Digital Logic Circuits II
    Computer Organization
    Project Management
    Control Systems
    Digital Signal Processing
    Systems Programming
    Operating Systems
    Computer Architecture

    Forth Year:
    Analog Communication Theory
    Microprocessors Systems
    Database Systems
    Computer Networks
    Law and Engineering Ethics
    Multimedia Systems
    Embedded Systems
    Digital Communications
    3 electives

    Fifth Year:
    Communication Systems
    Net-Centric Computing
    Computer and Network Security
    Performance Evaluation
    2 Humanities
    4 electives
    Senior Project

    As you can see it's lacking any Linear Algebra courses and lacking in Mathematics/Physics in general. I have no idea which courses are offered for the electives. I'm sorry this was too long, but I really need to know if this is a good degree or not so that I could transfer elsewhere before it's too late. Thanks for reading.
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