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Advice please.

  1. Aug 12, 2007 #1
    I'm currently an electrical engineering/computer science undergraduate in the University of New South Wales located in Sydney, Australia. The thing is, my dad got a job in the states and we'll be mmoving there soon. I'm in the second semester of my first year here (the academic year starts in late feb) and I need a little advice regarding college in the states.

    So far, the suggestion has been made to enrol in a community college in January, complete the credits I need and transfer into a four year institution. I will be moving to california and will likely be attending De Anza college. Has anyone done this? Any advice?

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    If theres not any way you can stay where you are, then you should most likely do exactly what the previous suggestion stated (assuming you dont already have the credits). My advice to you, however, is to try to stay exactly where you are, especially if you dont adapt well. if you follow the teachers alot, and you understand the methods they use, then moving to a different school could be very hard. If, however you feel confident enough to adapt well to the new teaching styles that could come, go for it man. theres not really much else you can do.
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    i would like to stay here, but my parents don't want to split the family up and won't let me stay for other selfish irrational reasons. my situation really sucks :(
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    I hope your situation gets better. I'm inclined to think that you'd be best to stay in Australia. At your age it wouldn't be easy to adapt to such a big change. By the way, are you the same Vanush from a popular NSW based student message board?
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    yes. who are you, Benny,.
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    its quite likely that you would be able to transfer directly into a 4 years school in the US, send out your applications and hope for the best.

    don't you get housing in an australian school? it seems illy to move all the way around the world if you don't have to and aren't inclined to.
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    Don't worry, I'm not one of the regulars there. Your username just seemed familiar that's all.
  9. Sep 4, 2007 #8
    hmm, now it seems i have the choice of staying an extra year here to get 2 years of credits, then transferring. (so i can do an upper-division transfer)

    should I do this? stay an extra year here at a university then transfer, or just go to the US into a community college..?
  10. Sep 10, 2007 #9

    I just got the idea of staying here for my bachelors degree, then going to US to do a postgraduate degree. My reasoning is the fact taht the quality of undergraduate teaching would not vary greatly between universities (in developed countries, anyway). Plus, I get the feeling that tertiary education in the US is more focused on postgraduate education -- I mean, that's the basis of how universities are ranked, isn't it?
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    no point for you to transfer to community college. Try 4 years univ. directly and you would receive higher quality edu.
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    they won't let you stay? If you're a legal adult in australia and you still have your mom and dad tell you what to do with your life, grow a backbone.
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