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Advice please

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    Hi I am a student from a developing country where I attend a British based university which is fully accredited by the royal charter. I am currently an undergrad studying for a double degree one in medical physics and the other in applied chemistry. I am working towards qualifying for a position in the school's exclusive physics society where I would be exposed to and privileged to help masters students with their research projects in physics and medical physics. My mentor is the lecturer in charge of medical physics from the bachelors level to the PhD level. The thing is I wish to attend the university of Chicago to do my PhD after I complete my bsc instead of my own country but I want to know how to increase my chances apart from the basic criteria and will also having a bsc in the said fieldincrease my chances also?
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    It sounds like you're on the right track.

    Usually what medical physics programs look for is a solid background in physics. There's not a lot of advantage in taking a more "medical physics" specific track as an undergraduate. And in fact, sometimes that can hurt you. In some undergraduate medical physics programs, the core physics components are watered down, and as a result some graduate programs won't see you as qualified.

    I don't know anything about the U of Chicago's specific policies, but it would be best to contact them to make sure that you're heading down the right path.

    Otherwise there's no big secret to admissions. Earn a high GPA. Get some research experience. Get some good reference letters. Do well on the GRE. And learn as much as you can about the specific program that you're interested in.
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    Thank you very much choppy for your advice. I am doing my best to get all those things done because I won't let where I am from determine where I should go. Thanks for your positive words :-)
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