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Studying Advise on studying/revision

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    Hey all. I've got some serious mocks/exams coming up and I just can't seem to be able to revise/study for them. I'm only 15 and I haven't previously revised at all for any exam (including KS3 and a couple of official GCSE science exams), however still obtaining good grades. Since GCSE is obviously more intense than KS3 and any other previous exams I am worried that if I don't revise or study then I won't obtain the grades that I want.

    To the main point, I would really appreciate it if someone can advise me on how to successfully revise and study for these exams which are in a months time. In addition, I would like to be become a doctor therefore if anyone can also give me some advise on what universities want from people relating to medicine that'll be great.

    Thank you very much.

    ~ Tzarchasm.

    P.S: Getting confused on whether if it's advise or advice.
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    It's with a c for a noun. With an s it becomes a verb.

    You'll either panic and cram in the last 2 days and do okay or not even go to your exam. If you can't learn the subject without massive amounts of revision it's probably not for you.

    You're either feeling it and loving the subject or you're going crazy with stress because you can't do any of it without ****ing up. Even as much as you think you might want to do this subject, it isn't for you if it's a battle the whole time.

    There is no such thing as successful revision.
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