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Aero, EE, ME? which one is fun?

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    Aero, EE, ME?? which one is fun?

    My high school finally ended yesterday, and now i am so confused about my future education.... and here is my story
    i came to USA during high school, this didnt do anything good because the confusion of GPA. It ended up very bad that every good engineering university school around dalllas rejects me. Luckily, i got accepted by UT arlington which is a pretty big school. But i am not so sure about the engineering field of this school. I am a math nerd and really interested in physics, therefore i am considering among aerospace engineering, mechanical engineeering, and electrocal engineering. I know i am going to get a master in engineering and get a B.A in mathematic.
    And here is my simple question. Which engineering is the best for a math nerd? hehe
    I asked this question because if i am going to EE and ME, i need to transfer to other school, otherwise i will be staying UTA for Aerospace.

    thx for reading
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    good luck

    EE is a real fun for me in general. Especially Signal Processing works. You can drive Image processing, Video Processing, Sound Processimg... projects and play a lot with maths while doing'em.

    Aerospace is like a branch of ME as far as i know. So you should mainly choose between electronics and mechanics i guess. And if i am not going too far, electronics include more mathematics (especially signal and control branches) and mechanics involve more physics.

    I suggest you to keep on asking to anyone related with any of these topics as much as possible till you make a concrete choice
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    In my opinion, i would say aerospace engineering is the best. You get to design and play with all the nice toys (airplane, rockets...).
    ME is ok..
    but stay away from EE. not fun from what i heard..
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    Your choice should be based on what you're interested in, and what you think you could handle.

    Personally, I wouldn't find EE one bit of fun at all, but others would absolutely detest ME. Don't listen to anyone telling you that a particular discipline is better/easier/more fun than another. It comes down to personal preference.

    I chose Mechanical because it's a broad field, and encompasses aspects from all other engineering disciplines. If you're not sure, the best way to choose is to try and get some work experience, and see what kind of tasks and projects you like doing best.

    Finally, any field of engineering will have enough maths to keep you busy!
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    thx for replying
    my personal hobby... is really broad, i can pretty much do anything related to science and math, therefore i choose engineering, because it is pretty much a combination of math and science.
    my school offering double major in aero and ME, and i heard from my friend that EE is too specific when you get to seek a job.... But if i want to do EE, i need to transfer.

    the math level that i am planning to reach is diffeerntial geometry, i will probably spend all my elective hours for math (Applied Math and calculus field) and physics.

    PS: i have a question about high energy physics, what does high energy physics do, what math level does it reqire and how hard it is?

    thx for everyone replying
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