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AERO/MECHANICAL project help

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    Hi there looking for some ideas on a project. im a third year aircraft engineering student. Lookin for something mechanical or design and test based, im open to all ideas tho. Your help would be appreciated thanks

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    do you want something totally new? or evaluating existing stuff is o.k.?

    Existing stuff: I know wind turbine farms have been around for a while, but maybe you could focus on evaluating wind turbines for domestic use; you know, for use at one's home. You could focus on efficiency, low cost and low noise, etc. After all, solar water heaters and photovoltaic panels are already making to the house's roof...I am yet to see a wind turbine around here.
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    Hiy therre thanks for the reply I'm thinking of anything really with particular refrencee to aviation,something new or evaluating. I do like your idea tho
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    Hows about the number of blades on the propellers of an aircraft in relation to engine horsepower, number of engines, length of runway needed for takeoff, propeller speed, etc., or has that already been done.
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    No mate that's sounding good. Just trying to get some ideas together not easy....
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    How about applying modern analytical processes and understanding of aero principles to an older design. . . along the lines of the Gotha GO-229 that was built from scratch by the NGA model shop for signature testing?

    Model the GO-229, Focke Wulf Ta-183, or FW rotary wing fighter for aerodynamic or mechanical analysis
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    What ideas have you been thinking of?
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    Hiy guys thanks for the ideas. I've came up with the idea of investigating into how the pitot static system works and gyroscopic systems work and what instrumentation they operate. The electronic flight display how this operates and investigating into future flight deck instrumentation. The college is getting a new flight simulator installed so for the practical side I'm going to be installing some various systems for that. Would there be anything you guys would add to that? Thanks for the help.
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