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Aerospace Aero undergrad and Mech grad?

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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you all could shed some light on a problem I have been having regarding some life decisions.

    My main dilemma is that I am in my second year of college and am as of now an Aero Major, I have taken some majors courses and I really enjoy Aero. But I am starting to realize that I may be narrowing my possibilities too soon too fast. I have often heard that one should study ME as an undergrad and then if they so desire to study AE in grad school. Now the problem is that I have already taken some aero courses, so to switch majors would be somewhat difficult but not impossible. So I was wondering if I could get my BS in AE and then go onto get my MS in ME, I know this is somewhat bassackwards if you will but I was wondering if anyone had done this or knows anyone who has done this. I have heard that Aero and Mech are very similar (hence Aero being a sub forum of the Mech forums here.....), as well as graduate Mech programs requiring a BS in ME or in a similar field which I would assume Aero would fall into. So does majoring in Aero and then doing grad work in ME make any sense at all? Or should I do Mech E and then Aero?

    Some reasons that I haven't switched already (other than some of the credits not transferring):

    -The Aero program at my college is one of the best undergrad programs in the country with lots of research opportunities even at the undergrad level. ME program here is good, but no where near the Aero program

    -The ME department at my college has a very bad reputation, while the Aero department has a much better rep.

    -I will be taking some ME courses as a part of my Aero major

    Thanks for your time
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    I can't tell you much as far as mechanical goes but it is very hard to find an aero/astro job right now unless you have experience, or live on the east or west coast. If you stick with aero get an intership or co-op. I graduated in dec '07 with a bs in astro from Purdue and I still can't find a related job. So for now I'm getting a masters in aerospace. Maybe get a minor in mechanical. Oh and if you do want to switch to mech I hear a lot of aero classes will count as credit towards mech classes.
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