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Aerospace Aero vs Auto Diesel

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    I have done a little research on this, but i cant find any depth information on what is the major difference between an Aero and Auto diesel?

    Any technical explanation on why the Aero is better than the auto? abvious is needs to be more reliable, but any answers to the why its more reliable?

    Does anyone know of any developments in diesel engines? aero or auto?

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    What do you mean by "the aero is better than the auto"?

    The chief technical drawback of using a diesel reciprocating engine (rather than a spark ignition engine) is the lower power density; and for most applications in the economic climates we've had over the past 50 years, the benefit of lightness has outweighed the benefit of fuel economy. Recently, the cost of aviation fuel (plus the major advances in diesel engine technology) have meant that diesel engines have started to make an appearance on aircraft.
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