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Aerospace Aero vs Mech for propulsion

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    Hi everyone

    I'm a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, although I wish it were aerospace eng but my school doesn't offer that. I'm interested in researching propulsion. Could I do this with a major in mechanical engineering?

    Also if I went to grad school for a phd in aero, is it possible to be a researcher in industry? I've heard that industry would rather hire people with an undergrad degree or ms. Is this true?

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    It is absolutely possible to do propulsion research as an ME. I knew a lot of people who did that as ME's. Also, count me among the people who did ME undergrad and went for a PhD in Aero.

    As for research in industy, you can absolutely do that too. There are a lot fewer PhD jobs than BS or MS jobs out there in industry, but then again, there are a lot fewer PhD's as well. I don't remember where the source was, but I seem to recall the unemployment rate for PhD's (in science and engineering anyway) being lower than their BS/MS counterparts.
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    I know a guy with a ME degree who works in propulsion.
    <----- That guy

    As for the PhD, it's all about what you want to do. If you do get the PhD, you will really pigeonhole yourself, which is a good thing if you really know what you wanna do, or it can be a bad thing if you're uncertain.
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    Thanks for the tips guys!
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