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Aerodynamic Physics Area Help

  1. Aug 30, 2011 #1

    This is my first post here! So hello to you all!:biggrin:

    I have a physics project (that I need to write 3500 - 4000 words), which is for the Extended Essay (for IB schools), and my experiment was this:

    I made 3 simple electric motors, and I connected 3 of these onto small plastic cars. Then I connected a wing around the single current loop and so when it would turn forward, the paper wings would help propel the plastic car forward. I want to see which design of the paper wing (which is around the single current loop) would work best and propel the plastic car the furthest.

    My question is, I am not familiar at all with this field of aerodynamics, and I want to ask you guys where I can find good sources for something like this. The areas that I have found are all relating to aerodynamics are all relating to airplanes which is not what I'm looking for. Khan Academy unfortunately also does not have anything on this :(.

    So can you guys help me find some links to understand the theory behind each of these different designs for the wings I will attach on my single current loop that will propel my plastic cars?

    Thanks so much

    - Sean Vetrashin
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    If you could attach a picture of what you are describing that would be helpful. Perhaps it is the Pale Ale sitting next to me, but I am having a hard time visualizing what you are describing.
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    I agree with boneh3ad - I can't really visualize what you're trying to describe. A diagram or picture would be very helpful.

    (and I don't even have any pale ale)
  5. Oct 23, 2011 #4
    Yes i agree with the above two comments... Its quite hard to visualize your model. But one thing i say is that the aerodynamic forces relating to aeroplanes are the same for all other flying objects. There are 4 aerodynamics forces : Lift, Drag, Thrust and Weight...
    As in all websites and sources, Drag is the force which opposes the flight or movement in the fluid, similar to friction. Thrust is the force which helps the object to move through the fluid. Weight is the gravitational force acting on the object in the fluid. And finally Lift is the most important force which holds, or rather, which "lifts" the object up in the fluid. The fluid here refers to air...
    Now what you told is you made 3 motors and u connected them to plastic cars... I hope that the three motors are the ones which is going to give your model the force to move. Now the plastic cars is the fuselage or the body... Then you connected the wings. Now the wings WON'T help in any propulsion, the motors only gives the force. In your model, the motors give you the thrust and the wings the Lift. Now i think you want you model to fly?
    Look here, if your model doesn't have any thing with flight, it doesn't require any wings... Now i think the best wings for flight would be, if you see it from the side, the wings should be like a \... I mean the model should go in <-- direction and the wings should be like \ so that the air hits it like -->\ this, thus giving the lift. And also, if you see the model from its back, the two halves of the wings should be like \/ this. That is called the Dihydral angle... For more info, look into google... Hope this helps!
    And also, this is my first post in this forum :)
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