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Aerodynamic tent stabilization

  1. Jun 1, 2015 #1
    Hi all. I've recently came up with the idea of making a tent with the following shape that hopefully will prevent it tipping over when dealing with strong winds. Would this concept work? If so how steep should the angle be? I've vaguely recall that 45 degrees will provide the most lift but I'm probably wrong.

    Any comments and suggestion on how I can improve this tent will be appreciated.
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    There is a wind gradient and turbulence near the ground, especially with people and other obstacles under the tent. So it's not that simple to make the air flow faster on the underside to generate lift.
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    Compared to a flat canopy tent, would this design be better? Or would it provide no significant benefit?
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    Bit like a hammock?

    Will the poles have to carry the weight of everything in the tent?
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    More like a canopy tent with an inverted roof.

    I don't understand what you mean when you ask whether the "poles will have to carry the weight of everything in the tent." Could you clarify what you mean?

    Besides the inverted roof, everything functions like the tent in the link above.
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    Most tents have walls to prevent wind blown rain getting in but they would stop the wind getting under it..... so I assumed your design was like a hammock with people sleeping in the triangular roof section. That way they are protected from wind blown rain and the wind can get under it.
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