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Aerodynamics Question

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    Good morning everybody,

    Glad to be back again after being banned for 7 days because I was judged by the moderator, asking the answer for the homework.

    Actually, HONESTLY, it was not a homework rather than a pure newbie question.

    I will ask again the SIMILAR question that causing me being banned.

    Can someone please tell me what aerodynamic properties I can obtain for the problem such as the attached image?

    Please give me a clues, hints, tips, anything that could explain me.

    Please tell me the first step to solve the problem.

    Thank you


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    Since you have asked a very vague question it is impossible to give a specific answer. You seem interested in aerodynamic properties. Therefore, I recommend you read up on the subject first. You will pick up the terminology used and the concepts necessary to communicate with others clearly about aerodynamics. Then, when you have some doubts or specific questions, come right back here to PF and ask away! Members here are always ready to help someone along his or her journey towards better scientific understanding.

    Here are three sites which you may find useful:

    http://www.centennialofflight.gov/essay/Theories_of_Flight/coefficients/TH12.htm [Broken]

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