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Aerodynamics simulation programs

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    Hey there.
    I'm currently studying to become a mechanical engineer, and in one of my projects I'm in need of some program that can simulate aerodynamics of different shapes. I only expect some kind of simple pogram, nothing fancy, but I don't know anything about this kind of program, so I thought I'd ask all you wise guys about your experience with these. Which is best, which is most userfriendly, which is the cheapest etc.
    Of course any information that you can shed on the subject is welcome, but if it is posible I'd like to import Unigraphics NX2 models into the program, since we use this modeling program on my university, this would really relieve my of a big burden, but as said, any advise is welcome.

    Best regards

    Thomas Hansen
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    Hi Thomas,

    I am in a similar situation of yours. I am 1 course to go to become a Mechanical Engineering, and I am working too in the Fluid Mechanics Area of my University (Escuela Polit├ęcnica de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid). I only can talk to you of the CFD program Fluent 6.0, it is the most common program used here. Well, but talking you how heavy is it, it would be another chapter. Because I have to learn first how the hell it runs!.
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    try xfoil. it's free from mit site.
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    With about half an hour of practice, you can get pretty colourful pictures of contours of pressure, velocity etc around a car or aerofoil profile. Ideal for what you want, though I'm not sure about the compatibility with Unigraphics.
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