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Aerogels - Supercritical Extractions?

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    I am trying to creat some aerogel. I can make the Alcogel but I do not have a pressure chamber and cannot extract the liquid from it. This site gives some information on the subject if you are interested:
    http://eande.lbl.gov/ECS/aerogels/saprep.htm [Broken]

    Basically I just need help on extracting the liquid without using a pressure chamber. Any ideas?
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    Hello, this question fits better to engineering section, I think. Ask the moderator to move this thread to the proper location.
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    Gotta call it a perfectly reasonable question about chemistry --- whether anyone's going to contribute to developing processes for manufacture of aerogels that don't involve SCF methods (potential worth would be in millions) on a public domain forum is another question.
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    does anyone have an idea?
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