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Aeroplane and clouds

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    Why is it that an aeroplane can travel through a small cloud and the cloud does not seem to have been disturbed.
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    Why would the cloud be disturbed? Airplanes are designed to be aerodynamic: aerodynamic means not disturbing the air.

    It's like a skilled diver diving into a pool but making very little splash.
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    There is still the thrust from jet engines.
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    Well, they are disturbed a little.
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    I think the cloud only seems undisturbed.

    A jet airliner produces vortices from its wingtips. Those vortices take a long time to dissipate. When two airliners are flying in the same corridor (which is generally avoided but inevitable when approaching a landing strip), then the separation must be at least two minutes. Too short a time interval and the still violent turbulence may crash the trailing aeroplane. Wherever a jet airliner flies, it will leave heavy disturbance.

    But if inside a cloud a portion of the air mass is turbulent, would you spot that from the ground? I don't see how. You cannot see inside a cloud; it's a cloud when you cannot see through it.

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    Scroll down about 1/3rd into this web page to see the effect:

    http://home.comcast.net/~clipper-108/lift.htm [Broken]
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