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Engineering Aerospace and Defence R&D

  1. Nov 10, 2016 #1

    Me and my friend are both in 7th grade and we want to do aerospace and defense R&D. My friend knows just about everything there is to know about firearms and knows a lot about Tanks as well. I am knowledgeable about physics and aerospace engineering and have been studying them at an undergraduate level. Is there anything that we can do?
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    One of the hot topics now is control and coordination of drones. There will be a lot of research on it for a long time. You could get a drone or two and see if you can fly it using your own control logic (computer programming required).
    I don't want it to sound intimidating, but there are a lot of things that you can work on:
    1) They can be remotely piloted or autonomous.
    2) If they have cameras, you can work on getting them to maintain steady surveillance.
    3) If the surveillance is good enough, it would be able to designate a target for weapons.
    4) Multiple drones can coordinate so that a target is always in view of one of them as they fly around.
    5) You can try it in a basement or any large room and see if it can avoid obstacles (including other drones).
    6) Large fans can be used to make wind that they would have to adjust for.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    How many years of experience do you kids have in shooting different types of real weapons?
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    A next step might be to work on science projects (like for school or regional science fairs) in areas of interest. Depending on project topics, you can work either together or separately.

    I've mentored a number of projects for 6th-12th graders over the years in ballistics, rocketry, blast, and related fields. If I recall correctly, over 80% of them have won first in their category at the state level, and we've never had one fail to place at regional.

    Give my article, Secrets of Successful Science Projects, a careful read and start brainstorming ideas for projects you might be able to complete safely under the guidance of your parents or another adult who is properly qualified to oversee your activities.


    If you like, you may PM me for feedback on your idea(s) after some brainstorming.
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