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Aerospace Engineering and High-School Marks ?

  1. Apr 9, 2012 #1
    Hi there everyone, Im new around here.

    My question is about studying aerospace engineering, but I have problem with my high-school marks even I didn't study some of them. Here is my story, I came to Canada to study university from non-English speaking country, before I came, I was thinking about studying business or management.. but then I've decided on studying aerospace engineering, like I mentioned in the beginning, I had problem with my high-school marks, they were all well enough but the main problem is, i didn't study grade 10,11,12 chemistry, physics, maths or biology when i was at the high school. My high-school was kind of vocational school that provides some sort of skills to use on specific job. Whatever, I've found one school to study here which gives me those credits, but I'm curious about which studies should I study in order to apply universities for aerospace engineering. They told me that at the school, what I have to study but, I want to hear it from people who is studying on this major to ensure it. Last week, I started lessons, now I'm studying grade 12 physics, biology and grade 11 English(they told me that it is also important to study English), after I pass exams of those studies I will start another semester, then we will decide what should I study more. I know its hard to study those things for person who did not study them before, but I'm really want to get my degree on aerospace engineering..

    I'm looking forward to see answers,
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