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Aerospace Aerospace Engineering Degree

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    Hello, I am new here and joined this forum so I could get an answer to this question: Do you have to start in an aerospace engineering program to get a degree in it? Or could you start in mechanical engineering, and then transfer over to aerospace? I am trying to figure out schools and such and am very limited, seeing as most have mechanical instead of aerospace engineering degrees offered. Thanks for any and all help.
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    Yes, usually the first two years of mechanical and aeronautical engineering are identical. My undergraduate university actually offered a degree in "Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering".
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    My university offers a separate degree in aerospace engineering, but a lot of people switch to and from mechanical. The first two years of an undergraduate degree are largely the same between aero and mech e.

    A lot of schools just offer mechanical with a minor or focus in aerospace, and a lot of mechanicals work in aerospace fields.
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