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In summary, the individual has been researching aerospace engineering programs and is looking for advice on which program to pursue. They have a strong interest in space systems and aerodynamics/structure design, but are concerned about job opportunities and the difficulty of the Engsci program at the University of Toronto. They are considering options such as Ryerson's aerospace engineering program, a mechanical engineering degree followed by a masters at UTIAS, or a similar path at UBC. They are also interested in the possibility of working in the field of biomedical engineering with an aerospace degree. They are seeking advice and weighing the benefits and challenges of each option.
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Wow first topic in these forums, been reading them for countless hours the past two yrs.
I appreciate any help I can get
I am and have always been really interested in aerospace engineering. I wasn't sure I wanted to do Engsci at toronto coming out of high school, so I ended up doing a degree in predominantly math at UBC (live in BC).
I have read endless forums of ryerson vs. toronto vs carleton vs waterloo etc etc, with no real conclusions being drawn. One post would drag me one way the next one, another.
Things I am worried of:
-The Aero industry is not bursting with jobs
-Engsci is still a very hard program and would prolly require me doing the entire degree from year one-while other programs including aero and mech would give me 2nd yr status and little of Engsci (Y1+2) actually deals with aerospace
-Had a 95% high school ave and a 80% math average at ubc ( most math courses I took are applicable to Aero eng) so I can take and prolly need a challenge but don't want to sleep and wake up to engineering work if I am not going to be that much further ahead.
Im sorry if at any point I come off as being arrogant, I know many people struggling just to get into universities, I just have great ambition and feel I really have to get it right this time after the first degree which for sure cannot stand alone.
Ryerson aerospace eng
Toronto engsci
Toronto mech then a masters-UTIAS?
UBC mech then a masters-UTIAS?
Looking for suggestions of what to do. I am greatly interested in space systems, but I know that Canada doesn't do much work in that area (hard for co-ops) and also there aren't many jobs there. I also really like aerodynamics/structure design . Looking into ryerson it looks like they offer the courses required, but also feel I should be challenging myself more if I want to get into design and space systems as ryerson coops are with bombardier primarily.
Is the engsci program worth the initial two year super general hardcore study for the later two yrs?

Would be thankful for any advice
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Also I forgot to mention, I know a few aero engineers who are now working on ligament and valve strengths and are doing some kind of biological testing on that. I was wondering how often does this happen? Aero seems like a pretty hard degree to jump ship on...

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