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Aerospace Engineering PhD To Energy Trading/Quant

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    Hello to all. I would like some feedback from anyone on here that has something substantive to say. So, I am in the process of completing my Aerospace Engineering PhD (3.9 GPA) from the University of Maryland. For those in the know regarding renown programs in the Math and Sciences, the Aerospace program at UMD is one, it is a Top 10 in the nation (9th). . My research essentially focuses on partial differential equations, numerical methods, Fortran/C++/Matlab, and ofcourse Computational Fluid Dynamics.

    I have also being working for a few years while doing my PhD, and have decided I want to get into energy trading, energy derivatives, or perhaps an energy quant (if there is such a title). As such, I am seriously contemplating getting an Applied Math Masters degree subsequent to my PhD. And the reason being the quant field is highly mathematical, and I want to greatly enhance my math skills. So here lies the question, what graduate school should I consider? I would like to also attend another Top 10 Applied Math program, but not really willing to travel out of the Washington DC area. So I thought of Johns Hopkins University, it is not a Top 10 Applied Math program, but it is a big name/prestigious university. Ofcourse you have the Stanford, MIT, etc, what do you guys think about having JHU on my cv? Would that help getting interviews? And I must say, I take pride in getting my Aerospace Engineering PhD from a Top 10 program, and can only hope future employers know it is a renown top notch program. I say this because some only think of Harvard and such schools as all that matters.
    I would like twoish-quant's take on this matter, if you may sir.

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