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Aerospace engineering vs mechanical engineering

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    Is Aerospace engineering harder than Mechanical and Electrical engineering?
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    I don't think you can say one entity of engineering is 'harder' than another! Each has its own type of difficulty. I think your question is too broad to answer, even though I am not in the forementioned engineering fields (yet). As far as I know, aerospace engineering is very similar to mechanical engineering in terms of material.
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    z-component is correct.

    How hard or difficult an engineering course/curriculum is depends on the rigor.

    I majored in nuclear engineering and I took required courses in Mech E, EE, as well as Aero E (as a grad student). The course work difficulty was comparable.

    Aerospace engineeing is really a specialized area of mechancial engineering. Jet engines are basically turbomachinery power plants whether they produce electricity on the ground or propel aircraft. The aerodynamic flow around an aircraft is fluid flow, as is wind flow around a building or bridge. One could take fluid mechanics/dynamics in mech or aero engineering departments and cover essentially the same material.

    Structural engineering applied to aircraft is essentially no different to structural engineering applied to any terrestrial vehicle or structure. Same mechanical principles.

    Avionics is an aerospace/electrical engineering hybrid.
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    Don't listen to Astronuc. Aerospace is much much harder.....just kidding. If you are woried about it being hard than maybe sociology would be an nice option.
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    Focus on only what you enjoy. You couldn't possibly do any Engineering if you don't enjoy maths.

    If you enjoy money, you are probably better off doing Commerce or something. You will be bored in your job, but have cash. This is what I did, but now wish I hadn't!

    If you enjoy wiping your bum with expensive bits of paper, then a sociology degree would be handy.

    Basically, what you enjoy is easy...in a challenging kind of way.
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    I agree. If you're going to decide your major based purely on which is "harder," (and if you are seeking the easy way out) you should probably switch to psych or management/etc business. However, if you -want- the harder option, then I wish you luck in AE, but I'm sure you'll do fine in that case.
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