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Aerospace engineering

  1. Jan 2, 2016 #1
    Well this is my first post, i am currently in the last year of school, looking forward to apply for universities in canada (on a student visa). Though earlier i was very adamant to do aerospace engineer particularly for its 'astronautical' part, well, i know its not easy to get into space research even after doing that and after reading many of the forums i am a bit in a fix now

    according to them, its better to go for undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and then specialise in aerospace as most of the aerospace engineers currently working in the space industry are actually mechanical engineers, doing this will give you broader career options but i am not sure, doing mechanical would it really help? besides some of my friends who have done computers advise me to go to either the software development or electrical engineering if i am so persistent on engineering, but computers are a big nooooooo for me. so can anyone tell that doing aerospace engineering would be a right decision?

    i am fully aware that in engineering its your skills that count and to make quite clear i am really hardworking and i am ready to do anything if i get into aerospace, but yeah there should be a certain kinda security i mean i am not going to spend my precious time and money doing a course which has very rare job opportunities. i googled quite a lot about the scope and employment stats and according to the business and survey sites, in canada, aerospace engineering is on a pretty good track with annual incomes from $48000-$88000 or something near about making an average of $66000 per annum, and it said that almost all of the aerospace engineers get absorbed by the industry, as there are private manufacturing firms, government, defense forces , missiles, space and research..
    but this was something official kinda, when i saw some other forums at various other sites, i don't know who were the people who posted those things but yeah to sum up all of the them said that only 3 or 4 of 50 got employed in aerospace and the employment rates are very low, most of the people doing this degree are unemployed and this is in complete contrast for what i had got earlier.
    so can anyone please tell me what its actual scope? and also specifically in canada?

    though i haven't applied to the universities yet but i am looking forward to it in a few weeks, i will prefer around markham ontario as i have arranged residence there and it will save a bit of my money on accommodation, so i am thinking about
    • york university
    • ryerson university
    • university of toronto (UofT)
    and i need to know which one offers better engineering programs and also specifically aerospace engineering. though i have studied a few other forums but they haven't been satisfactory. i want a fair and unbiased comparison on all basis, it would be really beneficial if you can compare the three on these points
    • undergrad engineering
    • aerospace engineering
    • accreditation
    • fee
    • professors
    • value
    • internship
    • practical work and labs (this is a really important thing because in my country, people lay a great emphasis on labs if going in any field of science)
    • placements and opportunities
    • difficulty level
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