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Aerospace Aerospace engineers

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    I have to interview an aerospace engineer for a research paper. I can't find anyone anywhere and I don't know how to find someone. Can anyone help me, please?
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    Where are you located?

    You could call up a nearby company or a nearby college with an aerospace engineering department.
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    I live in New Orleans
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    Lockheed Martin builds the space shuttle's external tank in New Orleans. That's the only big company I found in my five minute web search. There are most likely plenty more. If Lockheed doesn't have anyone (I'll wager they'll be able to find someone), check the yellow pages and start making cold calls. You won't have to call too many companies before someone says yes.

    I don't know how far you're willing to drive, but University of Mississippi has an aerospace dept. and the University of Louisiana at Monroe has an aeronautics dept.

    Houston, TX and Huntsville, AL also have tons of aerospace facilities.

    That should get you started. If you are still striking out, let us know and we'll dig a bit deeper.

    edit: Do you need to do the interview in person, or can you do it over the phone? If the latter, it'll spread your options a bit...
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    pure cybergold

    we should all get such answers to our questions
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    I can do the interview by email, the phone, or in person, it doesn't matter.
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    There arn't alot of places here in New Orleans that deal with areospace so Lockheed will probably be the best. I though there was another place local, but im drawing a blank at the molment.
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    Try to get an in person interview with someone at Lockheed. If you handle yourself well, it may end up as an 'in' to an internship later.

    If that doesn't fly, start calling aerospace engineering departments at various colleges.

    Here is a list:
    http://www.princeton.edu/~asmits/ADCA/aerohome.html [Broken]
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    Thanks for your help!
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