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    I'm currently a high school senior applying to colleges, planning to major in aerospace engineering. However, I am concerned about the job outlook and employment locations for the field. I was to work in a R&D department of a major cororation but also want to stay reasonably close to home (NY). Are there any R&D jobs available in the Northeast? I can only seem to find oppurtunities in California. Also, how hard is it for an aerospace engineer to get a job with an undergraduate degree? What is an average base salary? And finally, are any aerospace engineers employed outside of the aerospace industry? Thanks for any help you can give.
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    i'll only answer the last part of your question in which you askedis ther any chance to work outside the industry
    aerospace engr'g is similar to mechanical eng as you can see easily, both have same courses but aerospace is the spezialized. thus i want to mean you can work anywher that produces engines and gain more than your needs
    the only problem is loving the job because it is going to fill your life, don't forget
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    Is there no way to work in aerospace engineering part-time? I really want to go into it, but I won't be able to handle a full-time job.
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    R & D with undergrad?... not very likely
    Starting salery with UG....between 40-50K depends location.
    North East is the place to be baby, MIT, P&W, much more.
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