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Aerospace grad schools

  1. Aug 19, 2012 #1


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    hey all

    i am applying for masters aerospace engineering. my undergrad is math. should i include the following on my personal statement: apart from single variable calculus, i completed my math major in 1 year with 3.8. for your information here at pf, i did 2 terms of vector calculus, 1 diff eq, 2 terms linear algebra, 1 pde/fourier analysis, 1 real analysis, 2 proof geo/isometric geo, 1 dds/chaos thoery. (tested out of basic proof, as analysis covered this pre-req)

    also, i want to get into grad schools like purdue, maryland, university of washington, university of virginia. after reading the following, am i a competitive applicant?

    overall gpa: 3.8 (same as core, first major math-second major economics)
    gre: not yet taken
    research: currently vortex collision with buoyant ink in water under university professor (will probably get published)
    school: university of oregon
    non-math courses: electromagnetism, am deciding yes/no for quantum mechanics
    specifics: want to study propulsion or aerodynamics (whichever uses most diff eq and vector calc, as i love these subjects)

    i really appreciate your help!!!
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    You are competitive at all of those schools. I would expect you to be admitted to all of them.
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    i appreciate your reply bonehead. should i make an effort to say i completed the math major in a year or would that seem redundant, as theyll have my transcript??
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    Your research interests and experiences are more important than how fast you finished your degree.
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