Aerospace Higher studies

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HI..I am doing my final year Undergraduate mechanical Engineering in an Indian University.. I would be finishing my UG in few weeks.. I am keen on doing my masters in Aerospace in a verygood Aerospace university in US. uk or France. I have participated in many national and international competitions and hv won Aero competition, recently we stood 3rd iwith NASA system engineering appreciation award in SAE Aero design challenge held in Atlanta US along (Ours is the first and the only Indian team to achieve this). I am also working on designing a micro- satellite with Indian Space Research Organization and Indian Institute of Astrophysics.But I am not extremely topper in academics..

I wanted to know how my achievements can help me in getting into a good aero univ.. and how can I approach them..Kindly help me in this regard.

thank you
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I wonder I have'nt got a single reply
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Well, there's ITA in Brazil, ISAE (Combines the best schools of AeroSpace Eng in France) in France, TU Delft in the Netherlands... There's Georgia Tech, University of Maryland, MIT, CalTech, Purdue, UIUC.. in the US.

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