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Aerospace job market

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    I think being an aerospace engineer would be really interesting, but my dad says it's a "boom and bust" industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' website also says that aerospace engineers are subject to layoffs. I noticed that another user, thucydides, asked this question but no one has replied. Can anyone speak to this?
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    Aerospace is a boom or bust proposition, but so are other sectors of the economy. Wall Street and the financial industry shed a lot of jobs with the economic downturn. Manufacturing has taken hits over the past 3 decades. Parts of the energy sector also have taken hits when the prices of oil or gas plummets.

    Pick a profession in which one is interested, and do well.

    If one is interested in aerospace, the check out AIAA's website - www.aiaa.org

    AIAA career center - http://www.aiaa.org/content.cfm?pageid=336 [Broken]
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    aerospace sucks or blows, it depends on which side of the engine you are on.

    Now having said that, it is down, way down now, layoffs are not yet done. Remember this, the DoD side of aerospace is going to be down for a few more years, but if you can get in and hold on, the workforce is aging rapidly and you'll be in high demand.
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