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Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?

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    Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?!!

    Hey people,
    I'm really confused as to what I should pursue for my undergraduate course in 2012 - Aerospace Engineering or Astrophysics?
    Both appeal and interest me equally, but considering the scope, difficulty of studying, job opportunities, pay, etc. after the BE or BS degree, which would be better according to all of you? And which one do you experienced guys recommend is easier on the cost of attendance at the University (of Texas at Austin in particular).
    I'm all confused as I'm an international student and want a good opinion that can help me decide once and for all.
    I'm thinking of taking a loan from a bank at my country or trying for a grant for this undergraduate course.
    Thanks a bunch! :)
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    Re: Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?!!

    UT Austin has an amazing aerospace engineering program. With a bachelors (or more ideally a masters) you'll be able to land a job pretty much anywhere with one of the best starting salaries available. I can't speak about astrophysics with any confidence.
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    Re: Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?!!

    Thanks a lot, Angry Citizen! By the way, what is the starting salary of a bachelor degree-holder from UT at Austin? I've been curious but never found out any proper answer...any ideas?
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    Re: Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?!!

    It has less to do with the institution and more to do with the degree. An aerospace engineer fresh from his undergrad days can expect to earn between 50-60k per year starting out. This is a pretty significant sum of money here in America, depending on the location. It greatly exceeds the mean personal income. I once saw a job offering for an aerospace engineer with five years experience that would pay between 124k-136k. Engineers make serious money.
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    Re: Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?!!

    Wow, that's a big amount! You seem to know a lot! Which are the companies that give placements to undergrads and pay well? What kind of jobs do they give to Bachelor AEs generally? Any main locations where these AE industries are located?
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    Re: Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?!!

    I'm sorry, those questions I don't know. I'm just like you, a very curious prospective student -- I've just had some of my question answered already :)

    I know for a fact that SpaceX (the company I'm interested in) gives entry level positions to aerospace engineers, but beyond that, I'd try places like Boeing or Lockheed.
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    Re: Aerospace? Or Astrophysics?!!

    Oh interesting! I think you can check on job-sites for what posts they offer...someone had told me to do that, but I'm not that well-versed with American job-sites and what those jobs even meant in the first place. It's only guessable.
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