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Aerospace Aerospace Schools help

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    Greetings all, long time reader first time poster, I have a BS degree in Physics and recently got accepted into 2 schools, Wichita State University (Wichita, KS) and University of Dayton (Dayton, OH). I'm trying to make an informed decision about which one to get.
    I got offered MS in Aerospace Engineering in WSU and a PhD in Dayton but I think it might not hard to continue to PhD in WSU after MS. Which school is better? I'm trying to weight several things, like I've heard Wichita is an aeronautical/space town and many companies orbit around the school, and that has to be good, i don't know much about Dayton. The grad school sites i've checked don't have much info about these school granted they are not the top ones in the nation.
    I want to be able to get a decent job based on the reputation of the school besides my own skills of course. Any tip about this would be appreciated.
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