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Aether and sub-atomic particles

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    Does anyone really know what an electron is made of? Theoreticly it can't be broken down so there is nothing to make it out of. Logic says it must have an origin and if it does then there must be something to create it from. Even if there were you would have to reach a point of infintesimal matter where there is nothing to support so small a structure.
    The same thing can be said of energy. It can be measured but not identified as a thing. The Aether and dark energy explains this phenomenom to some extent but not fully.
    Matter can be converted into energy and vice versa so there must be a connection. I think, and don't hesitate to squelch me if I'm terribly wrong, but I think they are fundimentally the same thing. Matter is vastly more dense then energy and even the tiniest amounts of matter hold enormious energy potential. Matter simply could be a stable, relitevly unmoving, state of energy. If the universe is blanketed in dark energy could not the fluctuating fields of this energy have a similar effect as a black hole and collapse in on itself, forming a sud-atomic particle of matter? This could explain vacum matter, along with other various phenomenons. Matter can be thought of as energy incarnate, to put it very crudely.
    Please tell me what you think of this? PLease!
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    Not sure whether people still talk about Aether. I know this stuff as a 19th century hypothesis for the medium light propagates in. It was shown that it does not exist. As for the rest of your ideas, I think you're on a good track.
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    Maybe I was using the term Aether wrongly. What I meant was the hypothosis that the universe is blancketed in some form of energy or dark matter. Whether it is the same as the Michelson experiment or not I do not know. I do know that Michelson continued to believe that the Aether existed even though his experiment failed.
    Whether or not it is the Aether or something else entirely, such as dark matter, there must be some foundational structure from which all forms of matter and energy originate.
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    an electron is a point charge.
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    an electron is a fundamental particle in the Standard Model, this means it has NO internal structure...

    Looking on a deeper level though an electron (or the energy corresponding to it's restmass) can be seen as a string. But this vision is still specumative to some level...

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