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Aethetic complaint

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    though, on the whole, i like the new design of the PF, i have some concerns about some things. firstly, the new banner at the top is great but the soft look of the images on the left of the screens (i don't know what to call them) is disagreeable in my opinion. the shade of blue should be darkened slightly and the signatures should be reinstated for all.
    anybody else have some constructive critisism for greg that they'd like to add?
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    Bah, I just miss PF version 2.0. No offense but I think that was the best one. This ones too big not really a community anymore there are too many forums. For example I liked it when it was just one technology forum. The only forum that I think it made sense to divide was the "other sciences" forum. I thought the others were fine, now we have many forums but most of them dont have many topics because its so divided. Phiosophy was divided a lot too... I just dont see the need. And, sometimes i wonder "where should i post this" so I just dont post at all. I know more mebers are coming in everyday but still... Oh well, thats just me though :eek:
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    Russell's Paradox:

    Maybe there should be a forum called "Forum for posts which are impossible to assign to any particular forum." Logically speaking, should anyone ever post in that one?
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    I got all backwards when the site was updated. The 'Post Reply' button is now at the bottom-left instead of the bottom-right where it was situated before.
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    I have already signed up with a physical therapist to help me re-train my mouse hand.

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    Just switch hands. Problem solved.

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    I just found this out. If the look of the forums seem very cluttered to you; Just click on the small arrow thinggie on the upper right hand of each forum. This option hides the forum you don't want to see.

    Problem solved
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