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Affine connection Γ in terms of tetrad

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    Hi, some one know the expression of the affine connection Γ in terms of tetrad formalism? I would like also some references if it's possible, i found a hit but i think that is wrong... please help me it's so important!
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    $$Γ^{\lambda} _{μν} = \frac{1}{2} (e^κ ⋅ e^λ) ( ∂_μ (e_κ ⋅ e_ν) + ∂_ν (e_κ⋅e_μ) - ∂_κ (e_μ⋅e_ν))$$
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    I'm loking for this relation:
    \Gamma^c_{ab}=-\Omega_{ab}\,^c+\Omega_b\,^c\,_a-\Omega^c\,_{ab} \end{equation}
    where $\Omega$ is:
    But i have an extra term and i don't understand where is the mistake
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