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News Affirmative action for clueless

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    What to do you with an inexperienced, unpopular congressperson, who just barely got elected, and will be spending much of his free time working on another close campaign in two years? Yes, put them in an important committee position, to boost their re-election image!


    I'm lucky to be cynical. I never expected the Democrats to put experienced and capable leadership over crass political gain. Oh well. :frown:
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    The Dems aren't doing anything that the Tom Delays and Carl Roves didn't do. Which is worse: incompetant legislators, or arogant, corrupt and incompetant legislators. I personally thing we could put chimpanzees in Washington, and based on sheer odds, they couldn't do any worse. And chimpanzees are more trustworthy!
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    They're all power grabbers.
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    This is very troublesome. The only motivation for campaign contributions is to 'buy influence'.

    While probably true, it is wrong.

    We need to support the 'reformers' in Congress, e.g. Jeff Flake (Republican) of Arizona.
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