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Afraid of tommorrow

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    Afraid of tommorrow!!!

    " I am afraid that tommorrow will blame us who are here today as we blame those who are here yesterday for bringing what is today"
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    Sounds like a whole mixup between blame, selfishness and a lack of guidance. While I think people would be less inclined to blame, if they could find a way to participate in life and express themselves "creatively."
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    Re: Afraid of tommorrow!!!

    I know what Iachus means, but I agree with you. I feel very sorry for kids/young adults today, and I really mean that. The world used to be a better place to grow up and live in.

    It could change, but I don't think it's likely for as long as the state/industry alliance controls the education system. God knows what it'll be like in even 100 years and I'm sure you're right, we'll get a lot of the blame.

    Trouble is there doesn't seem to anything that can be done about it except moan on Internet forums. Public opinion, already pretty much under complete media control, seems unlikely to change. Each generation grows up thinking the world was always this bad. Democracy is a sham where people are indoctrinated from birth into thinking that our only democratic choice is to elect one of two parties who have exactly the same policies and are run by exactly the same type of people.

    We seem to me living in some strange mixture of George Orwell's '1984' and Terry Gilliams 'Brazil'.
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    there is no blame either for our forefathers or us!

    the world is exactly where it should be based on all the probabilities that exist, we chose to share this thread of time space. whatever thread our childern experience will be in keeping with their choices(decisions).

    i too recommend that we exercise our creativity to make the next moment we experience better(in keeping with our goal) than the last moment.
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    Re: Afraid of tommorrow!!!

    Donald Rumsfeld anyone?
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