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News African Debt Relief

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    Well, it seems that the bombings in London during the G8 summit refocues our minds on Terrorism, and away from the Political agendas that many many people in the lead up to the summit were focusing on:

    Enviromental issues, and African Poverty.

    So to try and refocus some of your minds back, how should we deal with African Poverty, and the corruption found in many Africa goverments right now?

    One thing we should all do, as good and honest people, is to create an enviroment where African countries can trade on an equal footing with developed countries and not use them, like Europe did in the past to piliage and steal wealth!

    I would hate for the terrorist to take our minds from some POSITIVE things that we can push our goverments to do... It just doesnt seem right that we can live in such wealth and have our neighbours so poor, yet still "pilage" them by creating an unequal trade platform so we can get richer and watch our neighbours get poorer
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    I'd like to use this thread to pose a question. The concert Live 8 focused on removing African debt, correct? Was any money going to African. The way I interpret this is that they are paying the countries that Africa is in debt with. If they are focused on individual life, why don't they just feed the Africans? It's ludicrous that people are starving at we are worried about getting countries their money back. They should be whiping the slate clean so we can actually help people.

    I agree with the comments on terrorism. I wish people would just leave it alone and stop working about being attack. Honestly, if you're attacked, there is a reason. Very few people are actually crazy, freedom-hating terrorists. Actions have reasons, and we should start looking at what those reasons are instead of shooting civilians.
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    Dooga, no, no money went to Africa. The purpose was solely to "send a message" to the G8. Unfortunately, Al Qaeda sent a far bigger message that week.

    The problem with "whiping the slate clean" is that we have done that before.... many many times.... it never worked. The problem is that, as someone pointed out in another thread, the end of colonialism brought upon the rise of a lot of really crappy leaders. These leaders rather keep the money given to the country for their various purposes instead of well, feeding their population. The fact that the people running the country are corrupt means real help is almost impossible. Your not allowed to just drive in food and money into the population and distribute it without the government having a big say in it or refusing you.

    And the idea that we need to "leave terrorism alone" is silly. Thats like saying to leave murderers alone in a country. Let that happen and people will just start dieing. We can't stop their leaders from lieing to them so we just need to defend ourselves. Would-be terrorists are told that Christians want them dead and are told lies about countries burning their holy book.... not really something you can stop as far as "reasons" are concerned.
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    Fox news in action ... Yup, you read the headlines.

    Fox releases a story about them 'Flushin the Koran' wich is categorically denied by the administration with great indignity and distain by the highest sources including Rumsfeld himself.

    A week later, an internal report hits the press from some small office far from the White House confirming that it was not only true but they have multiple incidents of it actually happening but ... since it is not 'really big news' ... it hits page 10 and falls by the wayside.

    Result ... the American populace hears the headline accusation categorically denied by Rummy and the page 10 story in the US hits the front pages in Arabic ... 'Rumsfeld Proven a Liar ... Again'.

    You really do yourselves a disservice by spouting this garbage as 'fact'.

    Judging by the controversies surrounding the '10 commandments' in courthouses and the like, you have factions here in the USA who would be equally troubled if the Bible were treated in the same way in the ME.

    Understanding of the sentiment of others is not inherent to a person who listens to a single news feed and who ignores the news feeds of the opponent. You must question what you hear because to understand your opposition and what motivates him is what brings understanding and hence solutions to conflict.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
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    Oh gotta love it when you reply.

    Although those reports showed absolutely 0 instances where the Koran was flushed down the toilet, you take it as fact and think its the golden proof that the US is evil. Fact of the matter if, 0 flushes, lot of allegations that turned out to be false, roughly 12 instances of actual "abuse" (i put it in quotation marks because some water splashing into a book by accident doesnt really fit a normal persons idea of abuse).
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    :rofl: :rofl: Now that's what I call a santized version of events. The report said a guard urinated on it!!!

    p.s. Apologies Anttech for following this off topic branch. :blushing:
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    That was one of hte unsubstantiated claims. No proof if i recall.

    And there was one report where WATER got splashed onto the book. The urine one is a different claim.
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    You mean we shouldn't allow ourselves to be victims in more than one way, i.e., lose our individual freedoms and our hopes and dreams for a better world? I agree! However, I also agree with this:
    There must be strings attached in regard to the way the money is used. And rather than just giving the people fish day after day, we need to teach them how to fish. As for the unequal trade, this can only be done through industrialization. I've mentioned this several times, the problems with terms of trade between the third world and first world countries--Juan Valdez must pick a lot of coffee beans in order to purchase a computer.
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    Let me refresh your memory,
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    ..... how dare you agree with me!

    *Throws a pie at you*

    IRT Art

    Well if thats the case, and i assume you can provide a source on it, then you are right. We definitely deserved to have the WTC knocked down.

    And what are they doing with water balloons????
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    Here's one source of many if you search on google
    Pentagon: Koran Defiled
    By Richard A. Serrano
    The Los Angeles Times
    Saturday 04 June 2005
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    Five incidents, you heard it here folks. We deserved 9/11 for 5 incidents... none of which had anythign to do with a toilet.

    Oh and lookie here... prisoners defiled the book 15 times... thats gotta piss themselves off.
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    I think you're having a problem with the concept of "cause and effect." As you surely recall, 9/11 happened before these incidents, which would indicate that they were not, as you say, responsible for the attacks on the WTC.

    As for the second sentace: could you please clarify what you're saying, because I really can't make sense of it.
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    The g factor predicts educational outcome better than any other single construct, and the populations of undeveloped nations tend to be low on the g factor.


    Please observe the red and pink areas in the graphic below:

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    Interesting link. So education would be in line with an industrialized/high-tech culture versus an agricultural culture, and this holds true within the U.S. regarding blue states versus red states. (I couldn't help but notice that alcoholism and lying are inversely related, hmm...)
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    Hardly... :rofl:

    My state is very blue and very agricultural.

    Seems to put the blue states at a high IQ score to me. But it does not matter....

  18. Jul 19, 2005 #17
    the longitudinal persistance of the g factor within inbreeding populations

    South Korea was not strongly industrialized/high-tech 40 years ago, yet its population was high on the g factor. China is not strongly industrialized/high-tech today, yet its population is high on the g factor. Recently, Korea rapidly transformed into an industrialized/high-tech society, and China is in the process of doing so today.

    Industrialization does not predict educability. The g factor predicts educability. The nations of sub-Saharan Africa have no hope of becoming industrialized/high-tech as long as their populations remain low on the g factor, and the g factor tends to be longitudinally persistant within inbreeding populations.
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    Assuming the g factor to be a legitimate theory, and regardless of which variable is the cause and which the effect, the over-all picture (yes there will be exceptions) remains as stated. Now what was the OP about? Oh yeh, the G8 summit...
  20. Jul 19, 2005 #19
    The g factor and the hopelessness of industrializing sub-Saharan Africa

    China is not an industrialized/high-tech nation, yet its population has a high average IQ. There seems to be something wrong with your theory.

    The original post was not about the G8 summit. Here is the original post:

    Because its populations are afflicted with persistant intergenerational low-g, sub-Saharan Africa cannot industrialize. If it, unlike South Korea and China, is fundamentally inhibited from industrializing, how could it trade on equal footing?
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  21. Jul 19, 2005 #20
    So, what should be done? Any ideas? Donate some high g genes to the people of Africa?
  22. Jul 19, 2005 #21
    Done about what?
  23. Jul 19, 2005 #22
    Industrializing sub-Saharan Africa. If that is what we need to do, then how should we do that?
  24. Jul 19, 2005 #23

    Hitssquad: "It cannot be done."

    Townsend: "If that is the case, then how do we do it?"
  25. Jul 19, 2005 #24
    ok, you got me...but that is not paraphrasing...

    ok...I guess what I am asking is, can the g be increased by mixing with high g genes? If so, should it be done?
  26. Jul 19, 2005 #25
    Give them glue and paper. They can produce the world's largest stock of sandpaper.

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