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After an hour

  1. Sep 16, 2008 #1
    Im doing a paper due tomorrow. I wanted to include something I remember DaveC talked about long ago. I searched, and searched, and searched. And I had to wait 30 seconds each time! :grumpy:^:mad:

    Finally, I got it!


    What a colossal waste of time searching...:cry:

    In any event, i'm not going to save that link on my side bar of usefull links. Thanks davec!

    You have no idea how painful it was to find this....I knew exactly what it was, but just not the name. I searched post after post after post of his....
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  3. Sep 16, 2008 #2
    Did the search function not help? I know I have had some trouble with it but haven't used it lately.
  4. Sep 16, 2008 #3
    I didn't know what to search. So I kept putting in words that described what I was looking for. But each time I was wrong, I had to wait 30 seconds..........:rolleyes:
  5. Sep 16, 2008 #4
    Oh! I forgot about the 30 second rule.
  6. Sep 16, 2008 #5


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    Hahahaha, yea. Same problem that has happened to me tons of times... :approve: I can feel your annoyance, haha
  7. Sep 16, 2008 #6
    Did you try google?

    I use google for finding programming files from my course site :rofl:
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    Google is better at picking up threads here than our own search feature, and no 30 second delay! :biggrin: Google's spiders are pretty happy hanging out around here. There have been times when someone posted a topic about something I knew nothing about, so decided to google a bit, and the PF thread would show up first on the list after only being posted for a half hour! (Of course, that's when I suspect nobody else has heard of it either. :uhh:)
  9. Sep 17, 2008 #8
    Yeah, I've found things on here with google that I couldn't find with the search feature.
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    For some reason many times when I try to search here I get an error message telling me that the search string is too short. It's the key word that is in the title. :grumpy:
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    The search here is also sensitive to spelling, while Google can seem to do a better job of matching misspelled words, or ignoring extra spaces or hyphens.
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