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After college physics?

  1. Apr 9, 2014 #1
    So I've been studying A level physics since September 2012 and it's coming to the end of college years for me.
    Studying physics was so much fun and I really want to continue studying it (of course, less in an 'exam studying' way and more in just a fun learning way).
    I've chosen to study chemistry in university because I've asked so many people about it and there's so many more jobs in chemistry than there is in physics at the moment (considering I don't want to become an engineer and there aren't really jobs in science for physics graduates, it's all accountancy etc.), so I won't be studying physics in a university.

    What can I do to continue learning? About astrophysics, string theory, advanced mathematics, etc.? Of course there are popular science books but they don't really do it for pure textbook-style content.
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