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After Death

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    After Death....

    Lets get our viewpoints of whats after death.... do u think its nothing, heaven, hell, etc...... have u had personal experiences which strengthen your beliefs? What is after death???
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    it's more like religion question people all have different answers,

    for religion people , human are not just animals after we die, our spirit will live and somehow there is a space defined as heaven or hell we can go.
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    After death i believe that our world ends. All thoughts and feelings are gone. All that is left is nothing. Our body becomes a part of the earth once again and converts into soil, grass or parts of the insects or animals that use us for food.
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    yeah this is a scitinfic way =D
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    but what do u think happens after u die?
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    what do u think happens? :biggrin:
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    because what we perceive are just electrical signals interpreted by the brain, i think that what we know is not true. All that we do know which is true is that we exist. We think, therefore we are. I kinda take the buddhist point of view of death. We die, all illusory perception ceases, and im stuck after that.....
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    haha science teechnology is good but life is vaulable , its sacred

    it's the only thing that i consider is not part of reality.
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    I think that you should be concerned with life rather than death.
    Life is short, and is too valueable to waste. Live it to the fullest rather than worry about what will happen to you once you die.
    Many religions will tell you different things, many simply believe you rot, and thats it. But whatever the case, death should not be your goal in life, but rather making the best out of your life should be.
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    toatlly agreee who cares about death, death to anyone has no meaning and should not have a meaning.
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    Have you ever watched someone die?
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    Once you have a good idea of what happens after death, getting on with life comes much easier.
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    selfadjoint wow gd question

    =( yean but i beileve they will go and found a better place to live. we should be happy for them it's a nature thing. (but i m not saying ppl died by accident , war or murder then thats really different)

    we should have share our best time with each other while we all alive. and vivid, but once a person dies, we only should wish them luck in after life.and remmber the good times been shared

    and not concerning too much about it,
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    i reacon the film zardos had it right, life through your many guises and forms
    is a quest to find true death (oblivion)
  16. May 1, 2004 #15
    our life as a journey is suppose to find a value in the way we live, and increase our living standard for our next genration. and self expolor of ourself and expand our knowledge of our existance and identity. and be Content in our life.
  17. May 1, 2004 #16
    Then there is the ancient Egyptian viewpoint: Be good and have an afterlife or you will be fed to the hounds and cease to exist.

    Imagine just not existing... to have no identity and no thoughts... a void.
  18. May 1, 2004 #17
    What happens after the last life lived?

    We will say that terms such as after make little sense when the last life lived is “over.” It is a world that is outside time which follows what is known as “the final moment.” During the last life lived there is a literal final moment within time; there is no “after” this moment. A world lived in in which time is seen for what it is: an illusory construct of the holographic universe which is contained in the abstract universe. One may learn to control the construct called time but it is not merely control over an external; rather it is self-control in the sense that one is simply controlling one’s perspective of the holographic universe. One may see the holographic universe “move” “forward”, “backward”, and/or skip around in a totally nonlinear way; this sight is learned if and only if one needs to see from a different perspective in accordance with one’s contract which is between one’s true self and God.

    “One from a thousand and two from ten thousand” are living their last lives now which is to say very few. In truth, it is impossible to accurately describe in a dualistic language what existence is like “after” the final moment which occurs during the last life lived. It is a matter of stepping back, stepping out of the hologram and looking at the holographic universe to see through the illusion. Again, one doesn’t control the hologram but one can change perspectives and as one does this the hologram appears to change. At times this can be done yet individuals choose to re-enter the time stream and to continue living moments. This process is much more difficult when constrained to the physical body yet the final moment can occur while physical. However, when one becomes fully luminous and lives entirely in their 5D “body,” the process through which one has their final moment is often easier. Things, including space, time, energy, and matter, are seen for what they are and as one changes their perspective on these things they appear to change. The meaning and form of things change as the individual changes. It’s not magic for that implies something mysterious or supernatural occurring. Instead, this process is quite normal if infrequently aspired to or realized.

    So what we are saying is that after the final moment, the holographic construct is seen for what it really is and that the final moment is what occurs during the last life lived, principally near death though sometimes, infrequently, before that during the 3D life. At some point near death, most commonly, the transition is made into a higher dimensional “body,” which by definition is not physical at least in the 3D sense, and during this transition one is given the opportunity to acquire an adaptive perspective. However, because this is so often difficult to comprehend for what it is, one, through their true self, chooses to return to a 3D physical body to live another life. During the last life, one acquires this adaptive perspective and learns how to perceive in a new way. The next step is to continue on the chain of the hierarchy of beings. One is free to choose to return to a physical 3D holographic form in order to teach others about the universe or for whatever reason.

    During the last life lived, one achieves unity with their true selves. One sublates the little self and, in a limited dualistic languaging, becomes the true self. The reason why this is incorrect is that one always is their true self; one needs to simply realize this: there is no separation between one’s self and one’s true self. All perceived separation is an illusion and part of the construct. All illusions are seen for what they are during the last life lived including the illusion of the separation between one and one’s true self.
  19. May 1, 2004 #18
    My family will cry, and my body will be covered, discarded, or disposed of.

    Oh, and as far as an afterlife, there is none. I will cease to exist, just as I did not exist before the development of my nervous system in my mother's womb.

    Our brains are "us". Your consciousness changes if and only if your brain changes. You can control someone by electrical stimulation of the brain or by lobotomy. In the absence of some mechanism to transfer the data of the brain, you cease to exist. Even if comprehensive data describing your brain could be transmitted, that is not guarantee that your consciousness, the processes of the brain (along with other subconscioues processes), will be intact. It could be that the only way for consciousness to exist is in the form of the animal nervous system.
  20. May 2, 2004 #19

    prove it....
  21. May 2, 2004 #20

    then what is the point of living?
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