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Again, another locked topic - Time to move on.

  1. Mar 8, 2010 #1
    Why did the thread entitled "censorship is too dominating here" become locked due to it being degraded? How did it degrade? I'm sorry, but the censorship and coercion is just too out of control here. What happened? Why cant the topic go on?

    Thank you to the folks at PF for allowing me the short time here.

    Best of luck to everyone. Time to move on.

    Best regards, Magnus
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    Jesus christ.....knock it off.
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    You fail to understand the simplest of things.

    This forum is expected to live up to certain standards. One of those standards happens to be that people do not have to read a topic they are interested in and be forced to wade through countless posts which offer nothing to the topic in the OP. As interesting as our 'debate' was in the Avatar thread most of it really had nothing to do with the OP. As you can see they DID leave the posts which we debated over stereotypes which WERE related to the OP.

    As well it's not about censorship at all in my opinion. It's about maintaining the standard which this forum is expected to live up to. There are some things which are not allowed to be discussed here on PF but there are very substantial reasons for why they are not allowed to be discussed and for the most part I agree with them. What I'm saying is that if you specifically wanted to continue our debate then you would have to create a NEW thread and post in there. Derailing a thread is not accepted in any forums really... however if you make a new thread with the same topic I do not think any mentor would close it. Assuming that the debate was all good natured.

    This in my opinion shows that it's not censorship playing any role in the discussions here at PF.

    As well when people are giving you suggestions as to how to properly utilize the forums and you reply 'Oh snap' etc. then yes, that thread has been degraded. You are willfully ignoring peoples suggestions by playing a childish game and it won't be tolerated... especially in the Feedback section of the Forums.
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