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Age Discrimination?

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    Is it very risky for a 27 year old to begin study in an aerospace engineering program?

    If I get a b.s. in 3 or 4 years, would age discrimination be a problem in getting an aerospace job? Or any engineering field for that matter?

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    Aerospace took a big hit in the early 90s and the golden age is over. Jobs are incredibly hard to come buy, even for people who did things the "right way". So the answer is probably no. I don't know the full extent of your background, but I doubt you would even be accepted into a reputable program in aerospace engineering in any case. Some programs, especially ones at state universities, do actually admit people knowing full well they don't have much hope of finishing the program, much less finding a job. I suspect the departments just want butts in the seats so they can keep theif funding level. Caveat emptor.

    As for other engineering, it is also a tough sell. You are competing with all the 22-year olds who don't have the "atypical" background that you have, so you will have to be exceptional. By that I mean doing original work applicable to some aspect of the industry. Problem is, that is pretty hard to do without access to expensive equipment that good schools have. So its somewhat of a catch-22.

    I know this first hand, because I am in a similiar situation. I think the hard truth is that there are way more bright people than their are jobs that require bright people. All that propoganda you hear about how America has a labor shortage in the technial field is nonsense. We graduate tons of qualified people and then Congress cuts NSF/NIH funding or barely bats and eye when tech jobs get outsourced. Bush says he wants to send men to Mars, but then never funds it. Pblackt.
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