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Age Limit

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    Is there any age limit for graduate study (Masters/PhD) in Sciences in US universities?

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    I would find it extremely odd if a university had an age limit for admission to any of its programs other than sports.
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    this guy got his masters degree at the age of 12.
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    Thank you for the responses. Does the Guiness say anything about the oldest graduate as well :smile: ?
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    Yeah, I thought you meant is there a maximum age limit. I would have to say that if a University had a maximum age limit for graduate study, or for any type of degree, I would probably want nothing to do with that universisity.
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    No, there is no age limit, and it would be illegal to have one. Think about it this way, assuming you are qualified, why would any university refuse money?
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    Of older students-

    Age is no barrier for University’s oldest graduate

    A tale of two sophomores
    She's 15. He's 85. Both are serious in their quest for knowledge.
    http://utamagazine.uta.edu/spring_2002/features/2sophomores.html [Broken]

    At my first university, there was one guy in his 80's taking undergrad courses. If one is qualified, I see no problem in obtaining an undergrad or graduate degree at any age.
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    Thank you. That is very encouraging and inspiring.
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