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Age of the ship?

  1. Oct 13, 2004 #1
    The combined age of a ship and its boiler is 48 years.

    The ship is twice as old as
    the boiler was
    when the ship was half as old as
    the boiler will be
    when the boiler is three times as old as
    the ship was
    when the ship was three times as old as
    the boiler.

    How old is the ship?

    What is the mathematical equation that will solve this problem?

    http://users.characterlink.net/The-Cookie-Jar/math_jokes_01.html [Broken]

    Can anyone confirm the answer? :confused:

    my answer is
    boiler is 3/5 ship age
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    Not sure of the protocol to replying, but I get the ship is 30, boiler is 18. As follows:

    Solved using some webbased matrix calc program
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    heay, so I'm right. :biggrin:
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