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AGMA bending coefficients calculation - metric [SI]

  1. Mar 30, 2012 #1
    For an academic paper i am writing :
    I am trying to calculate gear bending stresses on the MS Excel, without using printed tables or graphs.
    I use the following formulas :
    jhdczb4ytmo0.jpg http://up353.siz.co.il/up1/gzomnjjezjw5.jpg
    From AGMA 908 B89
    My questions are :
    1. Do these work with SI units ? if not where should i look for something that does?
    2. Is there a formula to get SF (thickness) just using the module ?
    3. My results are not even close to Yj values i see in tables, what could be wrong?
    4. If anyone has an example of these calculations I would be glad to have a look...

    Thank you.
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