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Agreement between QM and GR

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    Hi all, I'm posting this here and not in the Beyond the Standard Model forum because my question is not very precise and I don't know anything substantive about strings or LQG. That being said I will launch into my inquiry.

    It's my understanding that the need for a theory beyond the standard model is caused by the fact that we cannot get the equations of QM and GR to work together to produce sensible answers (if we leave aside the question of trying to explain gravity in terms of a force carrying particle). It seems to me that a similar situation occurred during the development of QED, where the equations produced infinities where there clearly shouldn't have been infinities. But, people were able to develop a way of dealing with the infinities to produce numbers that could be compared to experiment. Now, how are we sure that something similar couldn't be done to get QM and GR to agree enough to give us numbers rather than infinities?
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