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News AGW petition

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    After reading: http://www.lavoisier.com.au/papers/articles/longversionfinal.pdf [Broken]

    You may want to consider this:

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    That's not enough. How are the other scientists mislead? Where lies their mistake?
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    The Nine Facts

    All of these can be explained purely by natural phenomena

    Increased drought generally is not conducive to growth and neither are unusually large amounts of rainfall, to say this will increase growth is dismissing the bigger picture. See link below.

    This is understood and accounted, for, it is supposed it will give us some breathing space.

    What do you suggest we do not use correlation, predictive models are not meant to be accurate, they are meant to reflect past indicators, but no one claims they are 100% accurate, they are guestimates based on our best information to date.

    Er no scientists don't deal in hope, just evidence, if they didn't see enough of that they wouldn't be comfortable making predictions.

    I wouldn't take a politicians views as seriously as I would a scientists, Al Gore whilst he means well is guilty of somewhat sensationalising matters.

    Not necessarily


    This is sloppy the habitat of the malarial mosquito is a warm and humid one, increase these two and it will spread to areas which are warmer. Yes poverty is a factor but so is natural habitat, which probably explains why Malaria was present in Middle Age southern Europe.

    Of course our country is in ruins financially, it's hell, why oh why did we achieve our Kyoto protocols? :rolleyes:

    This is where this sort of stuff comes from the Big Business Group of Ardent Skeptics With No Formal Scientific Training. I question the bias here.

    There is no global conspiracy against big business, the consensus is not formed by computer nerds and conspiracy theorists, but by scientists, I find it hard to believe there all just not listening to the obvious truth. Even if they're wrong the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. More efficiency, lower power costs, cleaner air, and less death related to pollution. Frankly I'd support it anyway.

    EDIT: Signing this petition is like signing a death warrant to those who will suffer because of the narrow minded views of the politically gullible(mostly those in developing countries) Or those who take an obviously biased government as indicative of there scientific view point(a government I might had that has tried to censor scientific reports into global warming several times) :rolleyes:

    As said even if there is no global warming benefit the restriction of pollution and the efficient use of resources, more than makes up for anything, it's a no lose situation either way; businesses will even lower costs in the long run, and it simply isn't that devastating or hard monetarily? As we in England have capably shown - having steady growth economically since the policies were implemented - this is a fallacy. Hear ends the political broadcast on behalf of the Green party :smile:
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    Talking about sloppy, why not try this:



    CO2 is not pollution and polluters can be fought in other ways.

    How about having spent all our surplus capital to windmills producing less than 30% of their capacity, in 50 years there are no sufficiet assets anymore to replace aging renewables due to the extreme negative economic balance. How happy we are with the clean air, when solar deflecting panels in space are dimming the sun when we are just in the next Maunder minimum little ice age around 2030. And when the global warming hoax is overtaken by that reality there will be some very big loosers, science being in the top five.

    There is only one "no-regret option" and that's going nuclear but nothing justifies a scam forcing it, if it works at all. And it will backfire for sure.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'll send Gore some money to help the cause. :biggrin:
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