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Homework Help: Ah help camrea and eye comparison

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    hey i sort of lost my text book and i dont know how to do this can someone help me out Please? If so heres the question:

    The structure and function of the human eye and a simple camrea have many similarites. Useing the the terms iris,eyeball, retina , corena, and lens idnetify correspondying camrea structures and describe their function?
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    1. This is not the homework forum.
    2. You did not show any work.
    Last time (t=12571, Jan. 13) you posted 5 questions verbatim from a textbook, without showing any of your own work. Stupidly, someone actually answered them. These forums are for learning/discussing. You learn nothing if someone just gives you answers.
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    Doc Al

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    krab, I completely agree.

    To dragun (and everyone else seeking help): Please read Tom's sticky at the top of the Homework Help forums (where I will move this thread).
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    Tom Mattson

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    Dragun, if you want homework help you have to show your work. Show us how you started and where you got stuck.
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    ok heres what i think

    this is more of a s/a question so this is what i think ...

    corena=lens of camera
    retina=film of camera
    iris=diaphramg of camera
    lens= lens?
    i cant think of the eyeball one not sure if the lens one is right either
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    No, the cornea is NOT the lens.

    According to "StLukeseye.com", "The cornea is the transparent, dome-shaped window covering the front of the eye."
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