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Ah, the California weather

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    I just got back from Cali, yesterday, and it was wonderful to be there and meet so many nice people. The weather was awesome, way better than the -20 we had here. They had a nice record high of like 87 the other day. I was glad to be able to experience it. Everyone seemed so nice and friendly to me while I was there. I met this one guy that was exteremely sweet to me, too. :biggrin:
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    Yeah...? So tell us more about this guy....
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    Well, he was a total sweetie. And was kinda to me and my family the whole time we were there. He even gave my mother and I a scarf to wear when we went home. Ah, it was nice and soft and warm too. I love cashmere!
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    California dreaming on a winter day...
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    This makes me realize that I should have planned my west coast trip for winter, rather than wasting it in June. Although, I suppose I'd probably find it depressing to go from 80 degree weather back to -20 degrees.
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