Aharonov bohm effect

  1. I am confussed with aharonov bohm effect. i read the wikipedia article.


    it says "enclosed magnetic field" but "magnetic field is zero"

    It says "different electric potentials" but "electric field is zero"
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  3. jtbell

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    "enclosed magnetic field" means the field inside the solenoid. The field is zero outside the solenoid.

    The electric field is zero when the electric potential is uniform (does not vary with position). In the second case, there are two regions, each with uniform (but different) electric potential. For example, one region might have a uniform potential of 5 volts, and the other one might have a potential of 10 volts. The electric field is zero in both regions.
  4. Even before placing placing the solenoid the magnetic field is zero. After the placing the solenoid also magnetic field is zero.Then, why there is phase shift?
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    There is a magnetic vector potential A around the solenoid which goes with 1/r.
    The magnetic field B is the curl of this field and happens to be zero. The phase
    shift depends on the vector potential A (not the magnetic field B)


    see section 11.2

    Regards, Hans
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